Experience of an exhausted eCommerce entrepreneur

Experience of an exhausted eCommerce entrepreneur

If you are someone who is willing to get into the eCommerce business, I would sincerely request you to read the link above. That’s the story of a group of people who started their eCommerce venture, only to realize some harsh truth about the industry.

The pain points mentioned in the post are nothing but the universal truths of this industry, and no one can deny the fact that ANYONE has escaped those situations while running his business online. 

Author has very well pointed out the fact that IT is just a component of the business, which enables the whole thing, and after that its all about dirty job of operations – On the field, Over the desk, and Inside the Warehouses (your and the suppliers). Somehow people tend to ignore the backbone of eCommerce (which is really dirty work) and concentrate too much on the front-end of the whole business. And this is a lesson one has to digest before even trying or thinking about this business.

If I were to offer an example of what e-Commerce industry is, I will probably share my experience of any restaurant – What is being served on the table looks and tastes is nice, but what goes inside the kitchen, dish-washer, warehouse, accounting the fluctuating prices of rice and wheat, meeting unpolished suppliers of these food items, managing the food waste, procuring cooking gas, handling the uneducated workers inside your kitchen and dish washing table, reprimanding your waiters and front-end cleaning boys – All this is not cool! And unless you are ready to handle all this – Do not get into a restaurant business ever!

Similarly, get into an e-Commerce business only when you are ready to understand the following – Technology guys talk in Greek, you have to pamper them and keep a watch on them; Warehouse guys need to be kept in tight control or else you will soon start to see losses in terms of inventory pilferage; to keep your customers coming back and keep exploring your portal everyday you would marketing people and campaign managers, content writers, vendors managers, inventory procurement management, financial negotiations on vendor tie-ups, and along with all this every company has to have customer care setup, etc. And I am sure to have missed out at least 100 more things.

Now compare your pros and cons of getting into this business. But do not enter this business if you have not thought over all this. (Do include the financial cover you WILL need to even survive for a week in this business).  



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