Time to write again – Blogs, Codes, and more!

Last time I wrote here on this page (which was 417 days ago, as told by my ‘date()’ function on excel), and I guess I abruptly stopped writing here because of some weird reason. I know I was in a mood to hibernate. But no more. I am back, and I am back for good đŸ™‚

On this new year I made a strange commitment to myself that I will start coding again, and this time my purpose of writing the codes will absolutely different from what it used to be during college, or later when I was developing codes for someone else. This time around, my purpose to code is convince someone what I am thinking or planning to achieve with my ideas.

In past, I have had extremely bitter experiences with developers. And these bitter experiences turned into painful experiences when these guys didn’t help me move on my ideas (sometimes, the idea died because the developer couldn’t understand or I could not explain things properly). And with each passing month, I could see this coding thing as my prime bottleneck in the whole process. And hence I decided to end this mess and picked up coding again.

In past I have been a C/C++ developer, and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing codes which were mostly systems oriented, and hence it comes as an obvious handicap to me when I think about web development (which, during college days 2000-04, used to think as a superficial coding because there was only a superficial level of processing being done by the machine). However, as time passed, web development shifted gears and now as we see it, its a completely new world in itself. In last decade web has transformed itself into just like Google – from a simple search text box to Google glasses, the transformation has been mind blowing. And I salute all those guys who have been keeping it so dynamic that its changing everyday!

So, here I am, recently started learning Python + Django combination, and hope to start coding in next couple of days. And for those of you who are thinking that what purpose will it serve? Well, the purpose is simple, no more external developers until I myself have coded the MVP, the minimum viable product. I might take some time to become a pro and totally capable of writing some of the professional level codes, but then I won’t let this desire die. This all has to happen in year 2015.

Also, in year 2015, you will see me back on this blog because I am back to my job of learning while on job đŸ™‚ Keep reading folks. Thanks.

(I purposely avoided the word ‘resolution’ while writing about my coding desire, because the word ‘resolution’ has been  turned into a sort of a passing fad which attains its peak only during the transition phase of the calendars and dies down naturally once the transition is complete.)


When to jettison a customer?


A times comes in the life of every organization when he has to jettison the customer. Or at least think critically about serving the customer any further….Here are some pointers for your consumption….

# 1. When a customer gets on to the table with a ‘know-all’ mind-set, and since he is spending the money, so he can not be wrong. – First things first, Thanks for spending the money, but are you spending the money to prove someone wrong or to continue doing  business effectively? Your claim about knowing all is fine with me, however I would like you to do it on your own if you really know it all. Unless you are ready to believe in my expertise, why waste your time and money with me? You believed in my capabilities by paying for the product or services, now is the time for me to pay back by delivering what ever has been promised. You have to trust me to start getting things done!

# 2. When a customer refuses to learn – In most cases, a customer expects that a certain product or service will change his life. That’s a fair expectation to have, as long as he is paying for those services and products. But the customer often forgets that he need to know (or learn) how to use those products or services. Some customer simply resist any sort of learning, and still want to see the return on their expenditure. Any product or service, comes with an unwritten rule – You need to learn how to use it, or else you will keep using a mobile phone as a paper weight! The sooner you start learning, the more gets delivered by my products and services!

# 3. When a customer refuses to set his expectations and fix a timeline – Often, customers don’t know what they really need. Such customers when approached by business development guys get convinced for what is being offered to him in the product or service. However, such customers still remain unsure about their needs, and that is one reason why they almost never set a list of targets to achieve and some actionable items which could be worked upon. They simply want magic to happen without defining the word ‘magic’. The moment you start defining and tracking the goals, the delivery gets robust!

# 4. When a customer won’t let you make progress – Customers, at a times, won’t let you make any progress in the project. They will put hurdles at each and every possible stage, to a limit where you will not be able to move at all. It will take months, instead of days to conclude even the simplest of the business decisions. You will literally waste your time waiting for the customer to appear in a better mood. Trust creates greater synergies!

# 5. When you have to under-serve other customers in order to serve this one customer – When your organizations starts under serving it’s other existing customers to keep this customer’s demands fulfilled, you need to rethink your strategy. Is it any good to be under-serving other customers in order to keep one customer happy? (Chances are very high that even this customer is not happy at all with your services.)  You are doing nothing but exhausting yourself while chasing the happiness for this customer. So, unless this particular customer is offering you the more than 50% of your current revenues, plan to leave him behind, he is doing no good to your business. Spare yourself to serve the remaining customers well. Believe that sometimes it’s better to let go!

All such customers don’t even realize that they are a massive pain to work with!

Whats worse? Working with such customers will let your employee’s morale touch the abyss.

Simply say NO to such customers. Serving such customers is nonviable in the long-run, and you will realize it with-in a few months that you simply can’t serve them happily. Such customers should be left alone to take care of themselves.